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16 Oct
Brexit European Union

Capital markets union: European Council adopts new clearing house rules (including Brexit)

Capital markets union: The European Council adopted yesterday (15 October) revised rules for clearing houses in the single market. The new framework sets out how EU and third country clearing houses should be supervised in the future, taking particular account of the effects of Brexit on the European financial system.  It will be implemented through […]

14 Oct
EU Trade Agreements

EU trade agreements: delivering new opportunities in time of global economic uncertainties

Despite the difficult global economic climate, European companies have continued to make good use of the opportunities created by the European Union’s trade network – the largest in the world. In 2018 this network covered 31% of Europe’s trade exchanges, a figure that is set to rise significantly (to almost 40%) as more trade agreements […]

09 Oct
European Union budget

European Union budget 2021-2027: Time to decide

EU Budget 2021-2017. In a Communication published today, October 9, the European Commission outlines the main points that need consideration and a clear steer by EU Leaders in order to reach a swift agreement. Key points These include: – the overall level of funding to match the Union’s shared priorities; – a modern budget with […]

08 Oct
European Council 10 October 2019

Economic and Financial Affairs European Council (10 October 2019)

On 10 October will take place Economic and Financial Affairs European Council. This is the main Agenda: Anti-money laundering The Council will discuss the progress achieved in the implementation of the anti-money laundering (AML) action plan adopted in December 2018. It will also consider the future strategic priorities in the area. In this context, the […]

07 Oct
whistleblower European Union

Better protection of whistleblowers: new EU-wide rules to kick in in 2021

The EU is to guarantee a high level protection to whistle-blowers across a wide range of sectors including public procurement, financial services, money laundering, product and transport safety, nuclear safety, public health, consumer and data protection. Today (7 October 2019) the Council formally adopted new rules on whistle-blowers protection. -The new rules will require the […]

02 Oct
Brexit European Union jobs

Brexit: European Council approves draft contingency measures about jobs

Supporting persons who may lose their jobs in the event of no-deal Brexit: European Council approves draft contingency measures. The European Union is taking measures to help workers and self-employed persons across the EU‑27 whose jobs and professional activities may be affected as a consequence of no-deal Brexit. Today, 2 October, member states’ ambassadors in […]

30 Sep
euro area unemployment

Euro area unemployment at 7.4% (Spain: 13.8%, one of the highest unemployment rates)

The euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 7.4% in August 2019, down from 7.5% in July 2019 and from 8.0% in August 2018. This is the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since May 2008, according to the last figures released by Eurostat. The EU28 unemployment rate was 6.2% in August 2019, down […]

26 Sep

Sustainable finance: European Council agrees position on a unified EU classification system

The EU is taking steps to implement its strategy on financing sustainable growth and the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. EU ambassadors yesterday (25 September) greenlighted the Council’s position on a proposal to create an EU-wide classification system, or “taxonomy”, which will provide businesses and investors with a common language to identify what economic […]

16 Sep
European Union Labour stadistics

Euro area job vacancy rate at 2.3% (Second quarter of 2019)

The job vacancy rate in the euro area (EA19) was 2.3% in the second quarter of 2019, stable compared with the previous quarter and up from 2.1% in the second quarter of 2018, according to figures published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In the EU28, the job vacancy rate was also […]

10 Sep
European Council commissioners

European Council adopts list of candidates for appointment as Commissioner

The European Council today (10 September) adopted the list of persons whom it proposes for appointment as members of the Commission until 31 October 2024. Under Article 17 of the Treaty on European Union, the list is adopted by the Council by common accord with the President‑elect of the Commission. President-elect Ursula von der Leyen […]


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