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22 Jul

The Banco de España launches its data laboratory (BELab)

The Banco de España has launched a data laboratory (BELab) to provide access to the research community to high-quality microdata compiled by the institution. BELab will be making microdata on non-financial corporations reporting to the Central Balance Sheet Data Office available to researchers. The dissemination of these data is part of the agreement entered into […]

30 May
Spanish labour market

Annual Report of the Banco de España: the expansion of the Spanish economy continued in 2018

The Annual Report of  the Banco de España has just been released. This report  reviews economic and financial developments in the Spanish economy and the main risks and vulnerabilities it faces in the short and long term. Particular attention is paid to the international environment, the euro area and economic policies. The report comprises an initial chapter […]

17 Dec
Banco de España spanish economy

Macroeconomic projections for the Spanish economy (2018-2021) (Banco de España)

The Banco de España has just realeased a briefing note on macroeconomic projections for the Spanish economy (2018-2021). These are some of the main conclusions: The projections point to a continuation of the current cyclical upturn, against thebackdrop of a continuing accommodative monetary policy stance, a strengthening of agents’ financial position and, in the near […]


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