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11 Feb
Eurostat business economy last figures

Birth rate of enterprises in the European Union: 9.8 % in 2016 (last figures released by Eurostat)

The number of newly-born enterprises in the European Union (EU) as a proportion of the total number of active EU enterprises stood at 9.8 % in 2016, slightly higher than the corresponding figure in 2015 (9.6 %), according to the last figures released by Eurostat. The birth rates were above 16 % in Lithuania (18.8 […]

30 May

Court of Justice: the mere fact that a worker did not apply for leave cannot automatically entail the loss of the right to an allowance

Advocate General Bot proposes that the Court of Justice should hold that the mere fact that a worker did not apply for leave cannot automatically entail the loss of the right to an allowance in lieu of untaken leave at the end of the employment relationship. However, where the employer shows that he took the […]

21 May

The tax bill for transferring a family business (KPMG Enterprise global family business tax monitor)

For business families planning to transfer their business from one generation to the next, the tax costs can vary widely, depending on where the business is located according to the KPMG Enterprise global family business tax monitor. Some countries offer substantial tax breaks to help family businesses succeed and grow in the hands of the […]

18 Apr

Companies financed with private capital have created 27,000 new jobs in Spain

Financing with private Spanish capital (a term that includes venture capital and private equity) has had a very positive impact on the companies in which it has a stake, as between 2005 and 2015 (last figures available) it generated 27,000 new jobs (+29.9% aggregate growth), nearly 2.71 billion euros in sales (+22.4% aggregate increase), 258 […]


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