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07 Mar

Sustainable finance: Presidency and European Parliament reach political agreement on transparency rules

Following a provisional agreement reached last week to create a new category of low-carbon benchmarks, the EU is complementing its set of rules to encourage investors to be more aware of the impact of their business on the environment. The Romanian presidency of the Council and the European Parliament reached today, 7 March, a preliminary […]

13 Jul

Single digital gateway (European Union): a time saver for citizens and companies

The European Parliament has remarked that the single digital gateway will help citizens and firms to access information and administrative procedures online, e.g. to apply for study loans or register a car. A provisional deal struck with the Council on 24 May to set up a single digital gateway, to make it easier to find […]

14 Jun

European Parliament approves new rules on access to regulated professions

European Parliament has just approved new rules on access to regulated professions. The new rules aim to ensure that citizens can choose an occupation, conduct a business or provide professional services in the EU without facing discriminatory and unjustified restrictions. The directive, approved by 519 votes to 112, with eight abstentions, will streamline and clarify […]

12 Jun

Schengen information system: agreement between the Council Presidency and the European Parliament

Today, 12 June 2018, the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament reached an informal agreement on three regulations on the use of the Schengen Information System: – in the field of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters – in the field of border checks – for the return of illegally staying […]

31 May

Posting of workers: final vote on equal pay and working conditions

Workers posted temporarily to another EU country must get equal pay for equal work in the same place, under revised rules voted by Parliament on Tuesday, 29 May. The revised rules, approved by 456 votes to 147, with 49 abstentions, aim to ensure better protection for posted workers and fair competition for companies. Under the […]


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