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10 Jan
ILO Labour market

100 statistics on the ILO and the labour market to celebrate the ILO centenary

100 years of the ILO also means 100 years of ILO’s labour statistics to support the work of countries and organizations around the world in improving labour markets, and of course, to inform its own work. Celebrating the ILO centenary is also celebrating progress in labour statistics. ILO and International Labour Standards 1- There are […]

26 Nov

In 2018, the expected duration of working life of people in the EU was 36.2 years

In 2018, the expected duration of working life of people in the EU (i.e. the number of years that 15-year-olds are expected to work in their life) was 36.2 years (Eurostat figures). This is 0.3 years longer than in 2017 and 3.3 years longer than in 2000. Men are expected to work longer than women: […]

13 Nov
labour market

3.0 million unemployed found work in Q2 2019 in European Union (except on Germany)

Between the first quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2019, 3.0 million people (20.4% of all unemployed in the first quarter of 2019) found a job. During this period, 8.3 million (57.0%) remained unemployed and a further 3.3 million (22.6%) became economically inactive. These figures are based on seasonally adjusted data, which are […]

27 Sep
ilo future of work

World leaders gather to mobilize solutions to shape the future of work

On the occasion of the opening of the 74h session of the United Nations General Assembly, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ford Foundation convened leaders from around the world to mobilize new solutions and innovation to shape the future of work. As a follow-up to the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of […]

20 Apr

Coreper: Easier access to professions: EU ambassadors agree on new measures (proportionality test)

The EU’s committee of permanent representatives (Coreper) today, April 20, endorsed an agreement between the Bulgarian presidency of the Council and European Parliament negotiators on a directive that will require EU member states to carry out a proportionality test before establishing new requirements for professions. The directive will improve transparency in the way certain professions […]

13 Apr

EU Member States adopt the Commission’s proposal to revise the Europass CV

Yesterday, April 12, EU Member States adopted the Commission’s proposal to revise the Europass framework. The revision, which aims at simplifying and modernising the Europass CV and other skills tools for the digital age, will enable people across the EU to make their skills and qualifications more visible, and will help policy makers to anticipate […]


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