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31 Jan

LCCI reaction on Brexit day

London Chamber of Commerce and industria (LCCI) reaction on Brexit day. Peter Bishop, LCCI Chief Executive, said: “Whilst our data from over 500 London businesses shows that domestic and export demand dropped at the end of 2019, the election result combined with the transition period being in place has seen the year start with increased […]

30 Jan
brexit acuerdo retirada 1 febrero 2020

Brexit deal approved yesterday by the European Parliament by 621 votes in favour

Brexit. The Withdrawal Agreement (Brexit deal) was approved yesterday, 29 January, by the European Parliament by 621 votes in favour, 49 against and 13 abstentions. Now a final vote by qualified majority in the Council is required. In a debate with the Croatian State Secretary for European Affairs Nikolina Brnjac on behalf of the Presidency […]

27 Jan
Brexit transition period 2020

Brexit: The Withdrawal Agreement stipulates a transition period that will last until 31 December 2020

Ahead of 1 February 2020, the day on which the UK will leave the EU in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement concluded between the EU and the UK, the EUIPO has updated the Brexit section on its website (click here for further information). The Withdrawal Agreement stipulates that during a transition period that will last […]

24 Jan
Brexit Withdrawal European union

Brexit: the Withdrawal Agreement passes the first European Parliament test

Brexit. The Constitutional Affairs Committee agreed on Thursday, 23 January 2020, to recommend that the EP plenary should approve the UK withdrawal terms. After parliamentary ratification in the UK was concluded earlier today, with Royal Assent granted for the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, Constitutional Affairs Committee MEPs voted in favour of a positive recommendation […]

16 Jan
Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

Brexit: MEPs concerned about citizens’ rights

European Parliament highlights that assurances are needed on the protection of citizens’ rights to ensure its consent to the Withdrawal Agreement. In a resolution adopted on Wednesday, MEPs take stock of citizens’ rights in the context of Brexit and highlight that their consent to the Withdrawal Agreement will take into account “experiences gained and assurances […]


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